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AAG-Collected Data on Geography Departments

The AAG has an online data collection request form for geography departments and programs. Tabulated results from this survey will be posted on this page in 2011. The online form collects departmental data on the type and number of degrees granted, titles of theses and dissertations completed, departmental specialties, faculty salaries, and faculty demographic data, including gender, race, and ethnicity. In no case will individual department data be released; these will be held in the strictest confidence and only summary figures for all responding departments will be presented here.


Departmental information extracted from the AAG's Guide to Geography Programs in the Americas

Collated Data from the 2007 Guide [PDF], [Excel]

Collated Data from the 2008 Guide [PDF], [Excel]

Collated Data from the 2009 Guide [PDF], [Excel]

Collated Data from the 2010 Guide [PDF], [Excel]


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