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The 44th meeting of the PAIGH Directing Council

was held during 14 – 16 November, 2012, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Argentinean National Section (ANS) of PAIGH hosted the Directing Council which was attended by delegates of 18 of the 21 member nations. The US National Section (USNS) delegation was led by the USNS PAIGH President, Mark DeMulder, USNS PAIGH Vice-President, Ms Jean Parcher and Messrs Erick Langer, John Gates, Dan Cento, Angel Santiago, Brad Coleman, and Evan Ward, as well as the PAIGH Vice-President, Mr. Bruce Presgrave.

The ANS hosts as well as the PAIGH Secretariat Staff were magnificent on the organization of the meeting and the social functions. The Argentinean Defense Minister, Dr. Arturo Puricelli, welcomed the delegates during the welcoming ceremonies. PAIGH President Dr. Héctor Peña, Secretary General Santiago Borrero and IGN-Argentina Director Sergio Cimbaro accomplished a very productive meeting. For a more detailed report on the Directing Council meeting and a list of resolutions approved, please see the PAIGH website

Prior to the Directing Council Meeting Mr. Erick Langer conducted a workshop on the “History of America” project with acclaimed PAIGH Historians, including Messrs Coleman and Ward.

The USNS PAIGH President nominated Ms Jean Parcher for President of the Geography Commission beginning in 2014. In addition the Directing Council adopted the “Strategic Communication Working Group” plan prepared by Dr. Coleman.

The PAIGH approved the following project proposals co-sponsored by the USNS:

1. Central American Geospatial Data Integration Initiative (Parcher) – sponsored by the Cartographic, Geographic and Geophysics Commissions - $10,000

2. Advanced Degrees in Geoscience (Mendoza) – sponsored by the Geophysics Commission - $8,250

3. Mapping of Hazard Areas around Volcán Santa Ana (Bajo) – sponsored by the Geographic and Geophysics Commissions - $6,000

Although the Geographic Names Course project proposal was not approved by PAIGH, Panama’s National Section requested support from the NGA-USGS Geographic Names trainers for a course scheduled in Panama for next year. Secretary General Borrero mentioned that PAIGH will try to provide funds to support the travel requirements.

During his summary of PAIGH highlights for 2012, Secretary General and Mr. Pena mentioned several successful projects led by the US National Section.

1. Dr. Salisbury for Transboundary Mapping in the Peru-Brazil border

2. Dr. Coleman’s project of restoring historical records from Haiti

3. Ms. Parcher’s Central American Geospatial Data Integration Initiative

In addition the Secretary General thanked the US National Section for inviting him to their annual meeting last March in Washington DC. He highlighted the Symposium of the Americas on Climate Change and his visit to the Library of Congress (LOC) while participating at the US National Section PAIGH Meeting. At the Library of Congress, Dr. Borrero enjoyed viewing the National Atlas of the United States of America edited by Arch C. Gerlach and the Atlas of Colombia.

Secretary General Borrero encouraged PAIGH members to register in the “Red Profesional Panamericana (RPP)” (Pan-American Network of Professionals) which can be accessed under “Redes” in the PAIGH front webpage.

The 20th PAIGH General Assembly will be held on 18 – 22 November 2013 in Montevideo, Uruguay, along with Consultation Meetings of the Commissions and workshops of the SIRGAS, GeoSUR and CP-IDEA programs.


Photos courtesy of Angel Santiago.