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Launched under a Cooperative Agreement between the U.S. Department of State (DOS) and the AAG in August 2008, this collaborative effort has provided support for local end-users of geospatial data in multiple African countries. The African partner organization in this activity is EIS-AFRICA, a continent-wide network for any significant environmental and mapping-related efforts on the continent.

Lake Victoria

For the period 2011-2013, the partners are focusing on the Lake Victoria region of East Africa, working with urban planners and environmental professionals to build their capacity for the use of satellite imagery and derived data in support of sustainable development projects in this world area.

Project Goals:

1. Establish the baseline GIS data set currently available for the Lake Victoria Basin.
2. Determine which data sets already exist, where these data sets are located, andwho controls their use. EIS-AFRICA will coordinate with regional mappingcenters to determine the nature of data sets needed to support their sustainable development activities in the Lake Victoria Basin.
3. Develop a data usage architecture that allows open access by partner organizations and the scientific community.
4. Conduct a series of workshops and training events that contribute to GIS professional development.
5. Enhance GIS data sets in “void areas” within the Lake Victoria Basin through the use of high-resolution commercial imagery.
6. Demonstrate to decision-makers the utility of GIS analysis in supporting good governance and sustainable development.
7. Involve students from host country universities in managing and using geospatial information systems.All these activities will benefit GIS professionals in the Lake Victoria Basin and enhance decision making processes of respective public institutions.

Nairobi Workshop (November 2011)

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Kampala Workshop (June 2012)

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Rwanda Workshop (December 2012)

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Rwanda Workshop (September 2013)

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