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32 ideas for departments to enhance diversity in their programs

  1. Develop a departmental level diversity recruitment plan
  2. Seek advice and/or referrals from current students or faculty of underrepresented groups; use personal or informal networks
  3. Showcase inclusion in your program level publicity (e.g. departmental website)
  4. Incorporate diversity messages in particular recruitment announcements of program position openings (e.g. Equal Opportunity Employer)
  5. Use specialized Diversity Job Boards, Advertizing Agencies, Magazines, Social Networking Sites, etc. to publicize program or openings
  6. Hold department-specific specialized recruitment events, fairs, career conferences, etc. for prospective underrepresented students
  7. Participate in university recruitment events, fairs, career center activities for prospective underrepresented students
  8. Engage with professional association networks, directories, conferences, listservs, etc. to recruit underrepresented students or faculty
  9. Include courses in the program's curriculum to attract underrepresented students' interests (e.g. social justice, GIS, gender, ethnic studies)
  10. Offer service learning courses or projects to engage with underrepresented students' interests
  11. Recruit nonmajor underrepresented students from general education courses or introductory human or physical geography courses
  12. Create or engage with partnerships with high schools from the department or program level
  13. Create or engage with partnerships with community colleges from the department or program level
  14. Create or engage with partnerships with Historically Black College or Universities at the department or program level
  15. Create or engage with partnerships with Hispanic-Serving Institutions at the department or program level
  16. Create or engage with partnerships with Tribal Colleges at the department or program level
  17. Form strategic partnerships with community organizations that serve diverse populations to increase visibility
  18. Adhere to university level affirmative action policies or other requirements from administration to include minorities in applicant pools
  19. Establish departmental committees, groups, or student clubs for women, minorities, or other underrepresented groups
  20. Participate at the department level in organizing or promoting university wide social events, residence hall activities, or campus fairs
  21. Provide mentoring or leadership training for women or underrepresented faculty
  22. Provide mentoring or leadership training for women or underrepresented students
  23. Offer specialized teaching or research support or fellowships for women or underrepresented faculty
  24. Provide diversity training within the department or attend university sponsored diversity training events / programs
  25. Hold or attend special workshops, seminars, brown bags, or invited speakers on promoting inclusion or improving departmental climate
  26. Offer progressive child care policy or parental leave and/or facilities or childcare provision
  27. Arrange services for faculty or students with disabilities or who become disabled
  28. Conduct activities of any kind that ensures faculty and students are welcomed regardless of their sexual orientation
  29. Promote or use university offices / administered programs in diversity such as Office of Multicultural Affairs, etc.
  30. Encourage departmental participation in university committees on diversity or inclusion
  31. Monitor and review progress toward diversity in the department using metrics, surveys, focus groups, evaluations, etc.
  32. Create or engage with diverse alumni graduated from the department around mentoring, networking, advising, or other priorities.