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2012 Video Competition: "Geography Matters" 

The AAG's competition for 2012 was entitled "Geography Matters".  We were looking for videos that highlighted the difference that geography has made in: your life, your career, your community, the world, etc. Entrants were told that videos submitted would be used to enlighten others on the importance that geography has in our world today. 

Kieran O'Mahony
"Geography Matters: Today More than Ever"
Are our brains suited to a modern world? In progressively urban settings we experience overcrowding, noise, pollution, conflict, stress - facets that strongly affect the emotions, nervious systems, and general sense of well-being. Meanwhile, a geogrphical disposition restores us to a connection, appreciation and social integration. Geography Matters: Today More than Ever.
Kieran won $250 dollars, a complimentary New York Meeting Registration and a free one-year AAG membership.

Chris S. Renschler
"UB NOW: Geography Help Haiti Recovery"
Partners of the National Science Foundation project "Information Products Laboratory for Emergency Response" (IPLER) rapidly provided airborne and satellite imagery to a spontaneously created Global Earth Observation-Catastrophe Assessment Network (GEO_CAN) of more than 500 volunteers in more than 20 countries to contribute their time for a crowd-sourced building damage assessment.

Tyler Depke
"Why do we eat what we eat?"
Have you ever wondered why certain regions of the world eat specific foods? Stable climate is important for certain crops, but local geology can play a role in specific soil development, which affects the ability for a plant to grow.

Joseph Kerski
"Geography Matters"
In 3 minutes, I make the case that Geography Matters--to education and to society. It is concerned with all issues relevant to our 21st Century world.  Geography is also about action--making our world a better place for the environment and for the people who dwell here.


Entrants take full responsibility for videos submitted. Videos submitted must be the original work of the entrant who submitted them. The AAG is not responsible for copyright infringement or infringement on the rights of any other parties. The AAG reserves the right to disqualify any video it believes infringes upon the rights of any party. Obscene or inappropriate videos will be automatically disqualified at the discretion of the AAG. If a winner cannot be contacted, the AAG reserves the right to offer prizes to a runner up. The AAG does not accept responsibility for entries that are lost, damaged, or delayed, and entries will not be returned. For each video submitted, the entrant gives consent that the AAG may use the video for outreach and education activities without compensation or prior approval. Entrants acknowledge that they have obtained appropriate permissions from parties included in the videos. By entering the contest, entrants have agreed to follow all of the rules listed above as well as our Statement of Ethics.