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Geophysics Commission

of the United States National Section of the Pan-American Institute of Geography and History



  • Propose that an evaluation of the suggested objectives will be fulfilled by the end of the quarter during the Consultation Meeting.
  • Establish lively and rapid communication between the directive of the Geophysics Commission and the community of the area.
  • Promote the lively exchange between institutions of PAIGH Member States in order to study and resolve problems in their interests.
  • Continue with a great emphasis on the politics of formation of human resources and the obtainment of resources necessary for postgraduate level study.
  • Contact agencies and centers of superior study for the obtainment of Masters- and Doctorate-level grants in the different disciplines of Geophysics and establish respective bilateral agreements.
  • Propose that the Commission, by means of their Committees, assumes responsibility to update the directory of professionals that work in corresponding disciplines in Member States.
  • Continue the publication of the Geophysics Journal and encourage its distribution in digital form.
  • Examine the effectiveness of the Geophysics Journal through an analysis of publication standards, including its distrubution, in order to explore possible formatting modifications and innovations to obtain a higher popularity and growth in scientific level.
  • Incite the publication of the results of projects financed by the Commission in scientific journals.
  • Promote the development of interdisciplinary multinational projects between the distinct Commissions of PAIGH.

Geophysics Commission Projects

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Jorge V. Bajo Sanchez, Representative
US Geophysics Commission
University at Buffalo, New York

Commission Members

Dr. Bettina Martinez-Hackert
SUNY College at Buffalo

Seismology and Volcanology

Jorge V. Bajo Sanchez
University at Buffalo
Dr. Bettina Martinez-Hackert
SUNY College at Buffalo
Dr. Gary Solar
SUNY College at Buffalo

Meterology and Atmospheric Physics

Dr. Christopher L. Castro
University of Arizona
Environment Geophysics

Dr. Lyndsay Ball

President, Pan American Geophysics Commission

Dr. Walter Fernández Rojas

Professor and Director of the School of Physics and Researcher of the Centre for Geophysical Research and the Center for Space Research of the University of Costa Rica

President, United States National Section of PAIGH

Deirdre Dalpiaz Bishop, US Census