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Technical Capacity Workshop for Data Integration in Central America

The objective of the workshop is to develop a continuous geospatial information system in Central America at a scale of 1:250,000 with the participation of representatives and data of each country in the region.  The workshop has been approved in 2010 with a Pan-American Institute of Geography and History technical assistance grant.  It is supported by the US Cartography Commission and the US Geography Commission.

An important outcome of the effort will be increased in-country capacity for collaboration across borders around data integration.  Participatory methods of cartography and geography will be used to create and augment working relationships among geographers and natural resource specialists across the hemisphere.  As a tangible product, the workshop will generate a regional map that will be distributed to the countries in the area.  During the data integration process, specific results will include prioritization in the use of auxiliary data, identification of watershed boundaries and hydrographic networks, elaboration of information on ecological regions, and the application of data models.

For more information, contact Jean Parcher, USGS, and US National Section PAIGH Vice President.

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Dr. David S. Salisbury
US Geography Commission

Dr. Betty Smith, Alternate
Eastern Illinois University

Research Committee
Dr. David Salisbury, Principal
University of Richmond
Timothy F. Trainor, Member
US Census Bureau
Dr. Andrew Sluyter, Member
Louisiana State University
Dr. Roger Sayre, Member
US Geological Survey
Graciela Sandoval, Member
Texas State University
Dolly V. García Joyé, Member
US Census Bureau
Eric Anderson, Member

Education Committee
Dr. Betty Smith, Principal
Eastern Illinois Unviersity
Dr. Osvaldo A. Muñiz-Solari, Member
Texas State University - San Marcos
Dr. Diana Stuart Sinton, Member
University of Redlands

Committee on Institutional Strengthening
Dr. Ángel David Cruz Báez, Principal
Universidad de Puerto Rico--Río Piedras
Dr. James Biles, Member
City College of New York
Dr. David J. Keeling, Member
Western Kentucky University

President, Pan American Geography Commission of PAIGH
Jean Parcher,
US Department of the Interior

President, United States National Section of PAIGH

Deirdre Dalpiaz Bishop, US Census