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US Geography Commission

Commission Aims
  • Analyze the impact of the occupation of geographic space and its social, economic, environmental, and cultural aspects
  • Generate methodologies of geographic analysis that permit the measurement of the standard of living in America and recommending orientations destined to prioritize the action of spatial planning
  • Update studies that drive the improvement of quality of life for the continent's inhabitants on the base of rational use and management of natural resources and the defense of natural and cultural heritage.
  • Promote the application of policies that propel regional development in its diverse spatial scales and its relationships with the processes of economic, social, and cultural integration.
  • Propose mechanisms to improve and strengthen the instruction of geographic science at all levels, especially the formation and training of high-level specialists.
  • Facilitate an interrelationship with other PAIGH Commissions, maintaining common aims towards the best fulfillment of the objectives of the Institute. 
  • Promote cooperation between institutions dedicated to geographic studies in the Americas and also with related international organizations. 
Commission Actions
  • Training in the field of Geography
  • Study of the current state of Geographic Science in professional education and development in American nations.
  • Network of Geographers in the Americas
  • Integral Program of Geographic studies, concepts and methodologies for territorial planning and environmental management directed toward the improvement of the quality of life of the population. 
  • Search for mechanisms of alternative financing to develop projects of research and training at the regional and subregional level on geographic subjects.
  • Direct Geographic research projects necessary for decision-makers on subjects of regional development and its interaction with economic, social and cultural integration processes.
  • Encourage alliances with specialized institutions for the development of strategies directed at the generation of information that act to reduce levels of poverty and environmental degradation in the Americas. 
  • Establish degrees of desegregation as validation of georeferenced data, levels of accessibility and eventual development of infrastructure of specialized data of the Americas and its historical reference appropriate to the needs of studies and applications of geographic science. 

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Dr. David S. Salisbury
US Geography Commission

Dr. Betty Smith, Alternate
Eastern Illinois University

Research Committee
Dr. David Salisbury, Principal
University of Richmond
Timothy F. Trainor, Member
US Census Bureau
Dr. Andrew Sluyter, Member
Louisiana State University
Dr. Roger Sayre, Member
US Geological Survey
Graciela Sandoval, Member
Texas State University
Dolly V. García Joyé, Member
US Census Bureau
Eric Anderson, Member

Education Committee
Dr. Betty Smith, Principal
Eastern Illinois Unviersity
Dr. Osvaldo A. Muñiz-Solari, Member
Texas State University - San Marcos
Dr. Diana Stuart Sinton, Member
University of Redlands

Committee on Institutional Strengthening
Dr. Ángel David Cruz Báez, Principal
Universidad de Puerto Rico--Río Piedras
Dr. James Biles, Member
City College of New York
Dr. David J. Keeling, Member
Western Kentucky University

President, Pan American Geography Commission of PAIGH
Jean Parcher,
US Department of the Interior

President, United States National Section of PAIGH

Deirdre Dalpiaz Bishop, US Census