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U.S. National Section Annual Meetings 


2013 U.S. National Section Annual Meeting

March 14, 2013

Hosted by Teleconference

The 2013 meeting of the U.S. National Section was held via teleconference due to the sequestration action on the U.S. Federal budget and the subsequent mandatory reductions in travel expenses. The members of the National Section discussed the U.S. project proposals and made decisions about which proposals to pursue.

2012 U.S. National Section Annual Meeting

March 21-22, 2012, Washington, DC

Hosted at the Organization of American States (OAS)


The annual USNS meeting took place at the OAS office in the nation's capital, co-organized with the support of members from Georgetown University, USGS, Esri, and AAG. The second day consisted of a Symposium of the Americas, focused on climate change, were USNS members gave presentations to the national section, OAS staff, and other guests.


For more information from the annual meeting, click here.

 2011 U.S. National Section Annual Meeting

March 10-11, 2011, Doral, Florida

Hosted by U.S. Southern Command

The annual USNS meeting took place at the Conference Center of the Americas. PAIGH USNS members also gave presentations to the South Florida Community to promote PAIGH.


For press releases, presentations, and other news from the annual meeting, click here.

2010 U.S. National Section Annual Meeting

March 30-April 1, 2010, Redlands, California

Hosted by ESRI

The annual U.S. National Section Meeting was hosted by ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) Headquarters in Redlands, California. The four Commissions were represented by 14 members in person and 4 other members via teleconference. Agenda items included 2011 project proposals, Commission reports, the development of the new National Section website, and possible outreach initiatives to Haiti in its time of need. PAIGH Secretary General Santiago Borrero Mutis also joined via teleconference to review the Pan American Agenda.   

(Back Row, L-R): USNS President Mark DeMulder, USGS; Bradley Coleman, US SOUTHCOM; Paul Cooper, CARIS USA; Geophysics Commission Representative Chris Castro, University of Arizona; PAIGH Vice President Bruce Presgrave; (Row 2, L-R): Geography Commission Representative Patricia Solís, AAG; Carmelle Terborgh, ESRI; USNS Vice President Jean Parcher, USGS; Gregg Badger, NGA; (Row 1, L-R): Geography Commission Alternate Representative Betty Smith, Eastern Illinois University; Merrill Lyew, ESRI; USNS Executive Secretary Maria O’Brien, NGA; Madeleine Mengler, University of Richmond


United States National Section Annual Reports

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