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 Multi-National Co-Production Project

Produced by Gregg Badger, Cartography Commission



To produce, manage (disseminate) and store 1:50,000 – 1:100,000 density vector data over PAIGH participant nations.  To improve the interoperability between data producers and end users by establishing common map data content, accuracy, standards and exchange format.  To make this data accessible to participants in an amount commensurate to the amount produced and contributed to the data warehouse.  


A coordinated and comprehensive production strategy will be developed and followed by participants.  The production plan will be constructed based on quarter degree cells (30 minutes by 30 minutes).  Production of cells that cross international boundaries will be determined by the countries involved.  Cells that contain little land area will count as a full cell.  Each cell may contain 1:50K or 1:100K densities or a combination of both based on the national requirements for the data.  The producer is responsible for determining the density for the data.  A production schedule, with completion dates, will be developed.  Countries shall have first priority for production of cells over their own country.  If additional cells are needed to meet an organizations production goal, cells outside of their country shall be produced in coordination with the country(s) that the cells are located.  Countries will evaluate their national holdings for releasable source material that may assist other producers in their production efforts and provide for their use.  To the extent possible, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) will provide rectified commercial imagery for use as source material.  All other organizations will procure the necessary sources through their own established means.  Data will be collected using the MGCP Technical Reference Documentation.

Data produced will be deposited into a data warehouse managed by PAIGH.  Participants will have access to data based on their production contribution (For example, for each quarter degree cell produced, quality assured and deposited into the data warehouse, participants will receive 2 other cells of data).  The more cells produced, the greater the return ratio.  All participants will produce a minimum of 20 quarter cells of data.

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