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More universities talking to PhDs about jobs outside academe

December 02, 2011

The culture of academe often makes it hard for Ph.D. students to explore non-academic career paths, reports The Chronicle of Higher Education. But advocates for giving graduate students information about multiple career options say the realities of the job market demand it. And for some doctoral students, the work they seek after graduation is not an alternative career—a term that some say relegates nonacademic jobs to second-class status—but the only work they've ever wanted. Although some colleges across the nation are increasingly working to show graduate students that their degrees can be viewed as more than entry tickets to the professoriate, some Ph.D. students aren't getting the same message from their departments. Students are also not sure of exactly how to pursue alternative careers. And even when faculty members support their students, they usually don't have the expertise to help. [excerpt]


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