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Save and Register Today for the 2014 AAG Annual Meeting

September 18, 2013

Participate in the 2014 AAG Annual Meeting April 8-12 in Tampa Bay, Florida, to be part of the latest in research and applications in geography, sustainability and GIScience. Take these steps to ensure you join your colleagues:

1) Register for the meeting. Save by registering by October 23, 2013. After that date, early registration pricing expires.

2) Submit your abstract. An abstract is required for everyone presenting a paper, illustrated paper, or poster. Once registered for the meeting, presenters will have until December 3, 2013, to submit their abstracts. Read the Call for Papers and Abstract Guidelines for more information.

The conference will feature more than 5,000 presentations, posters, and workshops by leading scholars, researchers, and educators. Sessions will be organized around themes, such as: Geographies of Climate Change; GIScience, GIS and Policy; Racism and Violence; Scale and Sustainability; The American South; Environmental Hazards; Emigration; and The Aging of America.

Other relevant topics may include: Cultural Geographies; Geography Education; Human Geography and GIScience; Physical Geography; Geographies of Health; Social Justice; and much more.
In addition, AAG Past President Eric Sheppard will be delivering his past presidential plenary, titled "Thinking Geographically About Capitalism."

The AAG is currently identifying more topics to help focus discussion and provide a fresh and engaging structure to the conference program, and encourages attendees to develop themes relevant to the meeting's location or subjects influenced by political and intellectual trends within the discipline.

For more information, contact Oscar Larson, AAG conference director.


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