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AAG Announces the September 2013 Issue of the Annals

August 15, 2013

The September issue of the Annals of the Association of American Geographers is now available. AAG members and those with institutional library privileges have exclusive online access. To view the journal online, log in using your AAG member ID and follow the link provided on the Members Only page.

Following is the table of contents for the September 2013 issue (Volume 103-5):

  • Species Origins, Dispersal, and Island Vegetation Dynamics in the South Pacific, Patricia L. Fall and Taly Dawn Drezner
Forum: Space-Time Integration in Geography and Giscience
  • Space-Time Integration in a Dynamic Urbanizing World: Current Status and Future Prospects in Geography and GIScience, Martin Dijst
  • Real-Time Space-Time Integration in GIScience and Geography, Douglas B. Richardson
  • Prospects for a Space-Time GIS Michael F. Goodchild
  • Beyond Space (As We Knew It): Toward Temporally Integrated Geographies of Segregation, Health, and Accessibility, Mei-Po Kwan
  • On the Cyberinfrastructure for GIS-Enabled Historiography, Peter K. Bol
  • Space-Time Behavior Research in China: Recent Development and Future Prospect, Yanwei Chai
  • Analytical Data Transformations in Space-Time Region: Three Stories of Space-Time Cube, Tomoki Nakaya
  • Establishing Qualitative Geographic Sample Size in the Presence of Spatial Autocorrelation, Daniel A. Griffith
  • Improving Small-area Population Estimation: an Integrated Geographic and Demographic Approach, Chengbin Deng and Changshan Wu
  • GIS, Internal Colonialism, and the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, Mark Palmer and Robert Rundstrom
  • Geographic Assessment of Unattended Swimming Pools in Post-Katrina New Orleans, 2006-2009, Imelda K. Moise, Kenneth S. Brown, Claudia Riegel, Ezekiel Kalipeni, and Marilyn O. Ruiz
  • The Dialectics of Equity: Consumer Citizenship and the Extension of Water Supply in Medellín, Colombia, Kathryn Furlong
  • The Dynamic Multiscale Nature of Climate Change Vulnerability: An Inuit Harvesting Example, James D. Ford, Graham McDowell, Jamal Shirley, Mike Pitre, Richard Siewierski, William Gough, Frank Duerden, Tristan Pearce, Peter Adams & Sara Statham
  • Territory's Continuing Allure, Alexander B. Murphy
  • Mapping Deception: The Politics of Mapping Miskito and Garifuna Space in Honduras, Sharlene Mollett
  • Re-Placing Indigenous Territory: Villagization and the Transformation of Amerindian Environments Under “Cooperative Socialism” in Guyana, Logan A. Hennessy
  • Speaking Without Voice: Participatory Planning, Acknowledgment, and Latent Subjectivity in Barbados, Jonathan Pugh
  • Sex, Color, and Geography: Racialized Relations in Brazil and Its Predicaments, Alan P. Marcus

If you receive the hard copy version, look for it in the mail soon.

If you are an AAG member who reads the journals online only and you no longer wish to receive hard copies, please contact Michelle Ledoux, AAG Membership Director, or call 202-234-1450.


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