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Anne Knowles Reveals Civil War Commanders' View of Gettysburg Terrain

July 19, 2013

Anne Knowles, chair of the geography department at Middlebury College, is one of a team of geographers and cartographers who created an interactive map for the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. The online interactive shows how Gettysburg commanders saw the terrain in 1863. Read more and watch the video.

Knowles’ work continues to bridge the divide between historical geography and GIS, and also has helped bring the fields of history and geography together. In an interview with the AAG Newsletter last year, Knowles recalled that she began her career as an English major. “I loved poetry; I loved metaphor.” But poetry also helped her understand the importance of place in the creation of meaning. She took to the use of GIS in research because “I wanted to grapple with the real spatiality of events happening on the ground that I felt were important for understanding historical events.” 

Last year, Smithsonian Magazine presented Knowles with an American Ingenuity Award recognizing her historical scholarship.


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