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International survey reveals millenials' concern about economy, optimism for future

July 03, 2013

A survey of 12,000 "millenials" in 27 countries reveals universal perceptions as well as geographic variations in opinions and beliefs held by young adults aged 18-30. Results suggest a global divide in terms of concern about the economy, rated as the most pressing issue facing young people in the Northern Hemisphere while terrorism and social inequality led in the Middle East/Africa and Latin America, respectively. Worldwide, 83% of respondents agree that technology has improved their job prospects, but over 60% believe that the digital divide between rich and poor is growing. Nearly two-thirds of participants also expressed concern about their generation's ability to transition from school to the workforce. Nevertheless, "there’s a sense of optimism about this young generation," says Alfredo Timermans, CEO of Telefónica International, U.S.A., the firm that conducted the survey.

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