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Spotlight profile: Trevor Paglen, Photographer and experimental geographer

July 15, 2013

In an interview published on the blog Astronomers Without Borders, photographer Trevor Paglen, who holds a PhD in geography from UC-Berkeley, discusses the symbiotic relationship between his art and his academic training: "Philosophically, I am not somebody who thinks 'art is over here' and 'social science is over here' or 'science is over here.'  Those categories don't make much sense in terms of understanding the world." Paglen created an ultra-archival disc of photographs called "The Last Pictures." Designed to last billions of years, the disc was launched into geostationary orbit aboard the satellite Echostar XVI in the fall of 2012.

View Paglen's "The Last Pictures Project Video":

Read more about Paglen's "experimental geography" on the Conveyor Magazine blog:


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