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AAG Recognizes 50-Year Members

May 16, 2013

The Class of 1963 received a memento in recognition of their loyalty to the Association. As a tangible token of appreciation, 50-year members also received lifetime remission of annual dues and annual meeting registration fees from the AAG.

John S. Adams

Marvin Baker, Jr.

Paul R. Baumann

Ruth C. Bergman

Stephen S. Birdsall

Lawrence A. Brown

Catherine B. Carlston

Kevin R. Cox

John Dietz

Wakefield Dort, Jr.

Roy J. Fletcher

Susan Forbes

Peter Goheen

William E. Grugin

Truman A. Hartshorn

Donald Janelle

C. Gregory Knight

David R. Lee

Jonathan J. Lu

Joel L. Morrison

Peter O. Muller

James L. Newman

Richard L. Nostrand

Wallace E. Reed

Donald A. Schuder

Barry M. Steinberg

Bryan Thompson



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