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AAG Newsletter to go Online in 2013

December 01, 2012

As discussed in this column in July of this year, all AAG publications are now available both online and in hard copy print. However, for several years the AAG Council has been examining whether to continue to produce both the hard copy and online versions of some publications such as the AAG Newsletter, and others. Recently, the AAG Council has passed resolutions addressing several of these publications, including the AAG Newsletter, which will now transition to online only, beginning in 2013.1

The Council has passed resolutions directing the AAG to transition the AAG Newsletter content to a set of interactive and interrelated online communication vehicles in 2013. This transition has been in process for several months now, and the formal final step to online only will occur in January, 2013. Beginning then, all existing content previously provided by the AAG Newsletter will be available in a more timely, complete, and interactive manner on the AAG Website, and through a set of online news venues now operated by the AAG.

Current AAG Newsletter features such as Jobs in Geography listings, op-eds, grants and awards, necrology, events calendars, and presidential columns, will be available on a far more timely basis online, and this transition will enable wider and more in-depth coverage of news items about our discipline. A great deal of our current Newsletter information is already conveyed online via the AAG Smartbrief, AAG Geograms, our website news section, AAG’s online Jobs in Geography listings, and other channels. Multiple online means of communication have been developed to convey the news and other information currently contained in the hard copy AAG Newsletter.

This information will be easy to find on the AAG website. A new summary of “AAG Newsletter Updates” will be prominently displayed on the Home Page of the AAG website (see figure 1 below), and will be continuously updated. Leading the new transition will be David Coronado, Communications Director, and Becky Pendergast, Director of Design and Digital Products, at the AAG. Please feel free to contact either of them if you have questions related to locating any information on the AAG website that you need.

Doug Richardson

1For more information on online plans for other AAG publications see my column, “Reluctantly Transitioning to the Inevitable: Online Publications” in the AAG Newsletter, July-August, 2012.


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