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Geospatial technologies uncorking new opportunities in wine industry

November 26, 2012

In recent years, many wine producers have embraced a process known as "precision viticulture," according to University of Aberdeen geography professor David Green. Precision viticulture involves the gathering of a range of geospatial data about a vineyard, from the amount of sunlight a particular spot receives to the moisture content of the soil. Using a combination of geospatial technologies, the data are then mapped and analyzed in order to grow the best grapes possible on the optimum parts of the vineyard.

According to Green, aerial photography forms the basis of a vineyard map, against which other data can be plotted and GPS coordinates for the best areas for growing grapes can be identified and mapped using GIS. The technology helps winemakers track seasonal fluctuations in soil quality and other characteristics from year-to-year.


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