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AAG Calls for Participation in Geography Careers Events

September 19, 2012

The Association of American Geographers (AAG) is sponsoring a special set of sessions and related activities on careers and professional development for geographers at its upcoming Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, to be held April 9-13, 2013.

The Association seeks organizers and panelists for sessions on careers-related topics. Sample topics include:

  • Employment opportunities in academia
  • Employment opportunities in the business, government, and nonprofit sectors
  • The role of community colleges in career preparation for geographers
  • Internships and work-based learning as career preparation
  • Integrating career preparation into geography programs and curricula
  • Working internationally (North American scholars working abroad as well as international scholars working in North America)

Career mentoring sessions also will be available to provide an open forum where students and professionals seeking new career opportunities can get advice, feedback, and information. The AAG seeks volunteers representing the business, government, nonprofit, and academic/educational sectors to provide informal consultation and advice during your choice of designated times during the conference.

The AAG is organizing workshops on professional networking, integrating career preparation into geography curricula, and navigating today's job markets. We seek members to help lead and facilitate these workshops, and we also welcome proposals for additional workshops related to careers and professional development.

For each of these activities, the AAG seeks individuals representing a diverse range of employment sectors, organizations, academic and professional backgrounds, and racial/ethnic/gender perspectives to discuss key trends and issues affecting geographers' career opportunities and professional development.

To be considered as a potential participant, email Please specify your topics and activities of interest and attach a copy of your current c.v. or resume to your message.

For additional information about careers-related activities for the 2013 Annual Meeting, contact and watch for updates and announcements at



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