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Spotlight profile: Karletta Chief, University of Arizona

August 09, 2012

Dr. Karletta Chief is an Assistant Professor and Assistant Specialist in the Department of Soil, Water, and Environmental Sciences at the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ. Originally from Black Mesa, AZ, Dr. Chief grew up in the Navajo Nation and is a first generation college graduate. Her research focuses on watershed hydrology in arid environments, and how natural and human disturbances affect soil hydrology through the use of physically based methods. Dr. Chief also studies how indigenous communities will be affected by climate change, and collaborated in an interdisciplinary group of scientists including hydrologists, system dynamic modelers, and social scientists to determine how hydrological models can be improved to identify and mitigate risks to these vulnerable populations.


Over the years, Dr. Chief has received numerous honors including the John Rainer American Indian Leadership Award, Stanford University Minority Alumni Task Force Featured Alumni, University of Arizona Centennial Doctoral Student Award, Arizona Hydrological Society Scholar, and 2010 American Indian Science and Engineering Society “Most Promising Engineer/Scientist of the Year.”


Read her full profile:

View a YouTube interview with Dr. Chief where she discusses her research:


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