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Global Connections and Exchange 2014 Youth TechCamps: My Community, Our Earth Program 

on Geography, Mapping, Global Climate Change and Environment in Bolivia, Panama, and South Africa

If you wish to participate in the MyCOE program, please view the following links where you can either submit your own project or join the MyCOE Community. We also provide free, online resources if you would like to work on your own or with your friends. Our pages for high school students and teachers help enrich geography education (as well as related disciplines) using our fun, integrated, and project-based approach, focus. For college students and faculty, we offer information about the importance of promoting international links between education and research. Decision makers can also read through why a geographic perspective on sustainable development can change the way we see the world and encourage more effective decision-making.

Have you or a young person or group you know created an innovative or interesting solution to a sustainable development challenge in your community? Tell us about it so we can share it with others around the world.


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