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Young people from around the world are using geography and GIS to examine, analyze, and visualize how their communities can balance economic development with the need to improve quality of life, conserve resources, and coexist in harmony with nature.

Explore this Map of Featured Projects from 2001-2013 or browse the full gallery below by region. Learn more about each project by clicking on its title. 

  Oceania Asia Europe Africa Latin America and the Caribbean North America

Environmental Pollution

Evaluation of the Environmental Pollution of the Kafue River: The Role of Nutrient Loadings from Industries and Farms

Our Cities without Green Space

The Effects of Settlements on Dambo Wetlands in Lusaka

Boundaries are Boundless – Biodiversity in Thorndale, Rural South Africa

Our Plan of Action

Shack Settlement Planning: Transforming an Informal Settlement into a Viable Community: Duncan Village, South Africa

Community Based Approach to Sustainable Tourism

Geography of the Area

Mapping and Evaluating Erosion using Remote Sensing and GIS in the Mfilou Catchment Area

Process of Training Degradation Wooded Mountains in the Natitingou Region

Semi-Detailed Characterization of West Savalou



Air Pollution in Hong Kong

Dreams Alive

The Impact of Changing Funerary Regulations on Land Use in China

The Sustainable Development of the Fu-Nan River

Bangladesh Industrial Pollution (Sources and Impacts) Estimating System (BIPES)

Biodiversity of Gandhisagar Lake

Deforestation in Northern Areas of Pakistan


My Community, My Neighborhood

Sustainable Water Resource Development in Ujjal Park, Kolkata, India

Urban Development in Wet Lands, Southern Kolkata, South 24 Paraganas, West Bengal, India

Analysis of Kuala Lumpur Flood Risk Zone

Landuse Changes and Sustainable Development in Singapore

Mangrove Conservation on Pulau Ubin, Singapore

The Use of GIS and Spatial Analytical Techniques to Establish Micro-climate and Forest Core of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Using Mesocyclops to control Aedes in Singapore

A Prosperous Environment and a Prosperous City

A Solution to Environmental Pollution: Population Control Mobilization

Because of the Forest…

Climate Change

Development of East Anatolian Counties of Turkey

Development of Hydrographic Dataset for Turkey: A First Study

Development Problems of Rural Settlements Located Near the Major Cities

Evaluation of Anthropogenic Effects in Bosphorus

Poverty Reduction: A Suggestion for Reducing Poverty

Reducing the amount of Deforestation through Education

Rural Settlement Analysis - Case Study of Emiralem

SOGEP – Continuous Forest Improvement Project

The Site Description State of Wetland Management Plans – Case Study: Efteni Lake

The Source of Life: Wetlands

Variation in the Amount of Air Pollution in Ankara (Turkey)

Whatever You Have Eaten, Your Grandchildren Will Have to Pay




Assessment of Climate Change in the Zitava River Basin

Chepelare Sustainable Development through Tourism

Development of Land Use of Cadastral Area of Municipalities Kolinany and Zirany in the 20th Century

Finding Ways of Creation of the Address Register in Kyiv, Ukraine

Monitoring seaweed on Kuibishev water reservoir with Remote Sensing

Our Town Przysucha

The Assessment of the Environmental State of the Ivankovskoye Reservoir Basin: Moscow’s main Drinking Water Supply, and the Problems of its Protection

The Building Waste in Bulgaria

The Threats of Natural Environment of the Baltic Sea

Has the Climate Got Warmer?

Mortality rate distribution in Klaipeda city districts

Urbanization of Coastal Areas in Grimstad, Norway

Arignano Community Project




North America
A Vision Unfolds: Sherwood, Oregon’s Environmental Campus

Air Quality and Environmental Justice: An Analysis of Air Pollution and Wealth Distribution


Climate Change: a Consequence of Urbanization

Diagnostic Study of Mangrove Degradation in the Coastal Zone of Xcalak-Mahahual, Quintana Roo, México

Environmental Changes in Mahwah, N.J.

Guysborough County: A Case Of Poor Infrastructure

Habitats at Camp

Honoring a Commitment to Sustainable Development: Incorporation of Women's Knowledge and Voices

Juniper & Water in Central Texas

Land Use/Cover Classification and Change Detection in the Little Miami River (LMR) Basin, Ohio

Linking Channel Instability to Urbanization in the Upper Beaver Creek Watershed, Knox County, Tennessee

Mapping Urban Runoff to Santa Monica Bay

New Elementary School Boundaries

New England - Wind Resource Map

Poverty and Child Abuse Counts

Reclaiming the Urban City

SONAR Project: Using Maps to Encourage Sustainable Economic Trade between Countries

Species Richness of Medium and Large Mammals in Deciduous Lower Forest Fragments in the Huasteca Plains

Sustainable Development in East Africa: A Measure of Health and Poverty

Sustainable Development in the Champlain Valley Region: Economic Development, Poverty Reduction and Groundwater Pollution Control

Tamarisk as an Edge Species in Elephant Butte Reservoir, New Mexico

The Edwards Aquifer and a Look at Nitrates

The Geographical Distribution of Dyers Woad Over Time and Space in Logan Canyon, Utah

Using GIS to create a Walkability Index Map for Sustainable Urban Form

Wetlands in the Minnesota River Watershed: Loss over Time and Its Meaning for Sustainability

The Spatial Distribution of Power in Actual International Relations


Latin America and the Caribbean
A Study of the Agro-ecological Characteristics of Rice Cultivation and a Plan for a Pilot Project to Improve Rice Yields through Application of Precision Agriculture in the District of Alanje, Chiriqui, Panama

Agrarian Typology of the Corregimientos within the Panama Canal Watershed and Its Western Region to Improve the Development of Programs for Rural Zones Effects of Urbanization on Water Resource Use and Quality

Creation of Level-based Didactic Guides for using GIS Applications such as Transverse Axis Analysis in the Classroom

Establishing a Comprehensive Geographic Information System For Cocobolo and the Mamoni River Watershed

Establishing a Reference Collection and Information System For Biological Diversity and Conservation

Forest Species Native to the District of Santiago de Veraguas

Illegal Extraction of Marine Fauna and the Danger of Extinction of Marine Turtles in the Municipality of San Juan del Sur

Spatial Modeling of Urban Transportation for Sustainable Redesign

Study of Tree Biodiversity in Public Urban Spaces in Principal Thoroughfares in Districts II, IV and VI of the Municipality of Managua

Teaching GIS at Badi High School: Location and other characteristics of Badi High School

Update of a Cartographic Base of the San Juan River Watershed

Using SWERA’s GeoSpatial Toolkit and GIS to Identify Renewable Energy Locations in Honduras

A System of Geo-Energy Analysis: Case of the Médio Paranapanema

Approach to the Knowledge of the Forest Located at San Bartolomé La Merced School, Bogotá Colombia: A Proposal to Conserve the Eastern Mountains

Change of Use in the Commune of Peñalolen and Sustainable Development

Community Education for Sustainable Development: A Proposal for Conservation of the Bordoncillo Highlands

Discovering Bahia Blanca: Who We Are, Where We Are, and How We Live

Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment

Habitat and Distribution Modeling for the Horned Lark (Eremophila alpestris) In the Altiplano Cundiboyacense (Colombia)
With Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems

Hydrologic Evaluation of Compactness of the Elqui River Drainage Basin in Chile: Antecedents for Sustainable Management

Inventory and Morphometric Analysis of the Barrancabermeja Marshlands using GIS and Remote Sensing

Land Use Changes between 1954 and 2001 in Brazil’s Federal District

Land Use Dynamics Assessment of Amazon Forest Deforestation and its Influence to Water Quality in Central Rondônia - Brazil

Land-use changes history (1940-1993) at Neotropical landscape in Choachi and Ubaque (Cundinamarca, Colombia) and their relation socioeconomics dynamics

Participative Ecological Restoration of the Amatea Reserve

Preserving our Natural Heritage - Paraíba do Sul River

Proposed Methodology for Analysis of Cultural and Historical Heritage

Research on the Floral Components of the Peñas Blancas Protected Area

The Chaina’s Forest after Establishing “The Sanctuary of Flora and Fauna of Iguaque” (Boyacá, Colombia)

Using Geoprocessing to Analyze the Development of Coastal Areas in the Municipality of Tabau Do Sul

Analysis of the Diversity of Aquatic Macroinvertebrates and Microalgae based on the Longitudinal Gradient and Chemical Variables of a River in the Haina Watershed

A Study of Traffic Congestion along Old Hope Road, Kingston, Jamaica

Bull Bay: A Town Ravaged by Nature

Controlling the Use of Charcoal for Cooking in Haiti

Developing a Drinking Water Distribution Network in Port-au-Prince that can

Development of a Drainage Network in Port-au-Prince Must reflect the Expansion of the City

Giving Life to Ruins

Preliminary Study of the Estuarine Ecosystem of the Portugués River in the Playa De Ponce Sector

Street Children: Victims of Urbanization; Is there hope for them in Jamaica?

The Effects of Poverty on the Environment

The Haitian Natural Environment

Transportation in Jamaica and the JUTC

Untreated Discharges in the Port of Jérémie: A Problem to be Solved



Urbanization of an Alpine Environment 



Have you or a young person or group you know created an innovative or interesting solution to a sustainable development challenge in your community? Tell us about it so we can share it with others around the world.


In addition to supporting Youth-Led projects by individuals or teams, we also conduct special activities or hold events in particular places on specific themes of sustainable development.  Learn more about MyCOE Regional Initiatives in: