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                   Teenagers Use GIS to Promote Local Recycling

Ty Petty (mentor), Dara Carney-Nedelman (student), Dylan Roberts (student), Lydia Huggins (student), Elisabeth Moughon (student), and Stephen Moughon (student)

Geographic Focus: Erwin, Tennesee, USA

Date Completed: 21 Apr 2012

Project Description: Most residents in Unicoi County are unaware of where they can recycle specific items. As a result, very little recycling is being done. A group of environmentally conscious teenagers in Unicoi County 4-H created this map to show the public what they can recycle and where to take their recyclables. This map was featured in the local newspaper and is designed to be printed on regular sized paper to lower printing costs and thus ease widespread distribution of the map to the public.
Main Project Theme: Recycling

Map Description: Map of recycling centers in Unicoi County, Tennessee, USA. Map includes legend of common recycling items and keys beneath each county recycling center depicting which recyclables are accepted

Photograph Description: 4-H GIS Team members work collaboratively to create the Unicoi County Recycling Centers map.


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