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                  Teenagers Boost Local Tourism Efforts Using GIS

Ty Petty (mentor), Dara Carney-Nedelman (student), Dylan Roberts (student), Lydia Huggins (student), Elisabeth Moughon (student), and Stephen Moughon (student)

Geographic Focus: Erwin, TN

Date Completed: 22 Apr 2012

Project Description: Unicoi County is rich in natural resources but it lacks resource development. Poverty is common with over 50% of students in elementary schools qualifying for free or reduced price lunch. Sustainable tourism is our answer to these challenges. The U.S. Forest Service constructed a 4.8 mile hiking and biking trail to reach a newly rebuilt Fire Tower. The Pinnacle Fire Tower Trail has become one of the most popular trails in northeast Tennessee, but it has still more potential to boost tourism into Unicoi County. The Pinnacle Fire Tower Map was created by the Unicoi County 4-H GIS Team, a group of motivated high school students, to promote this new and exciting trail. The map is posted at the trailhead, the U.S. Forest Service Ranger Station, Unicoi Town Hall, and the Chamber of Commerce. Using the map as a promotional tool will make this trail a major tourist attraction

Main Project Theme: Forests

Map Description: Map of Pinnacle Fire Tower Trail in Unicoi County, Tennessee, USA. Map includes centerline of trail, trail description, elevation markings, and photos of views from the trail

Photograph Description: Members of the Unicoi County 4-H GIS team work collaboratively to create the Pinnacle Fire Tower Trail Map


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