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Biniam Teshale, Mersha Alemu, Slehak Melak

Geographic Focus: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Date Completed: 10 Apr 2012

Project Description: In pastoral area of Borena the natural vegetation on the pasture is the main source of feed for livestock. In order to utilize the resource properly the pastoralists undertake traditional resource management practice. It is based on a simple rotational grazing system that strictly address to wet and dry season grazing area. The pasture land condition, with special emphasis of bush encroachment was assessed in Didahara pastoralist association, Borena zone, and Yabello district. The range condition assessment was carried out by community interview method and cartography supported with respect to range productivity as well as productivity of livestock. Totally 30 household were interviewed. The competition between cultivation and livestock production for key resource is very high. Now a day due to natural and man made problems the potential of range resource are gradually deteriorated both in quality and quantity, which results lower livestock productivity economic development as well.

Main Project Theme: Agriculture

Map Description: 1.Location map-The study area carried out in east Africa, southern parts of Ethiopia
2. Topography-The altitude ranges from 950 to 1835 m.a.s.l
3. Land use/land cover-shows seven classes of land use

Photograph Description: Communities participate on cartography making and recognize easily their local environment & features on the land with the support of an expert. (In Borena zone Yabello district, Ethiopia)


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