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Frederick Abeiku Arthur, James Kweku Eshun (Mentor)

Geographic Focus: Cape Coast, Ghana

Date Completed: 22 Apr 2012

Project Description: The research used observation and interview to solicit information. The main question was the sources of waste and pollutants found in the Lagoon. It was identified that the major contributor of waste and pollutant in the Lagoon was the mechanic shops.
Artisans pollute the land they work on and the lagoon which is source of fish supply and employment to some natives.
Fumes from faulty vehicles emit pollutant gases (carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide), which are all greenhouse gases increase the temperature and contribute to the warming of the environment.
Dirty oil and greasy substances waste were identified to have contributed substantially to the destruction of the lagoon ecosystem.
As a solution, Geographical and Environmental Clubs and Societies should educate the public about the risks in polluting the environment.
• Environmental laws governing pollution should be enforced.
• Metropolitan Assembly and Central Region Development Commission should relocate the fitting shop site.

Main Project Theme: Green Economy

Map Description: The Fosu lagoon is located within the Metropolis and serves as source of fish supply and employment for natives. The map shows Fosu Lagoon, roads and Cape Coast communities and the metro hospital.

Photograph Description: Solid waste disposed on the bank of the Fosu Lagoon and Dirty oil from the fitting shops disposed on the ground


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