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                                  Hazards Maps of Davao City

Proponents: Ivanka Lizbeth Priete, Reinna Biaca, Cassandra Loquero, Christylene Caber, Bethune Cortez,
Adviser: Michael A. Casas

Geographic Focus: Davao City, Philippines

Date Completed: 3 Jun 2012

Project Description: The study is conducted to plot out low-risk, medium-risk, high-risk, and very high-risk areas in Davao when it comes to earthquakes, landslides, and typhoons. The group collected data from various government agencies such as the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), the City Environment Natural Resources Office (CENRO), and the City Commerce Office. The data collected reveal that the city is generally medium to high risk in landslide, low to medium risk in earthquakes and low risk in typhoons. This study is hoped to increase the awareness of the residents as to how they should deal with the risks associated with the places where they live. Moreover, this study is essential for further studies which will look into the Disaster and Risk Management program of the city.

Main Project Theme:Hazards, Vulnerability and Disasters

Map Description: The maps show the landslide, earthquake, and typhoon hazard maps of Davao City.

Photograph Description: The proponents of the study.


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