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ArcExplorer Java Edition for Education: A Free GIS Software from ESRI

Download ArcExplorer Java Edition for Education (AEJEE) for free from the ESRI Web site. This will allow you to choose a version for the Windows or Mac OS X platform.

After installing this software, open the AEJEE application and go to "Help" on the menu bar and select "Help Contents." This contains explanations of the menu items and interface as well as several lessons to help you get started using the software. Completing lessons 1 through 3 is highly recommended. 

AEJEE Lesson Files

The following activities and data files are in .zip file formats and must be downloaded and extracted prior to use. The activity directions are in .pdf format inside each lesson folder.
Analyzing Asia Population
Schistosomiasis in the Philippines
Southeast Asia Mines
Waterworld: Sea Level Rise
Energy in Asia

GIS Resources and Instruction Materials

The following resources were used with Garmin eTrex Venture GPS units. Most types of GPS receivers will be able to provide the coordinates necessary to be used with the data collection and GPS log activities.
Steps to using a GPS in Data Collection
GPS Log for Data Collection

If you are using a Garmin device, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has created a utility that assists in downloading data from the GPS to your computer via USB.
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Garmin Utility (.zip file format)

Online Mapping Activities

The following activities are to be used with MapMachine located on the National Geographic Society's Web site.
Asia: Climate Extremes
Asia: Elevation Extremes
Asia: Land Extremes

The following activity is to be used with The Geography Network online resources.
The Geography Network: The Philippines