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MyCOE in the Americas

MyCOE Global Connections and Exchange Program
The MyCOE GCE program connected high school students in the U.S. with their peers abroad in Bolivia, Ghana, Nicaragua and the Philippines through virtual online meetings. These meetings were arranged through online video conferences, online phone calls and chat rooms. Students also developed youth-led sustainable development projects around themes of climate change, food security, green economy, hazards and vulnerability and youth leadership, and presented these projects during the MyCOE Digital Video Conference, held during the 2013 AAG Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, California.

Biodiversity Initiative in Central America

MyCOE trained 25 university students and their mentors on 12 interdisciplinary teams from 9 countries to use GIS, GPS, remote sensing and geographic methods for biodiversity initiatives in Central America.

MyCOE Constellations: Linking Research, Education and Extension Outreach

MyCOE brought together constellations of undergraduate students, faculty, and extension personnel in land grant and sea grant universities to jointly conduct community-based projects using geographic tools and technologies for sustainable development. The objective of creating and supporting these nodes of collaboration was to improve linkages among research, education, and extension outreach related to critical sustainability topics and USDA-CSREES National Emphasis Areas, in particular natural resources, forestry, environment, watershed management, conservation, agricultural systems, rural development, technology and land use issues. Learn more about these projects.

Geographic Learningships in the US Gulf and Greater Caribbean Region

A special learning experience that provided the opportunity to gain valuable workforce experience, use geographic knowledge and tools, and engage with local communities on real-world sustainable development issues. Students in the Gulf States of the US exchanged ideas and created an online bilingual peer-network with counterparts in the Greater Caribbean.  Some of the participants traveled to their first international conference to present their work and meet each other face to face.

The Digital Bus and Geography Adventures

MyCOE Friends in the Pacific have teamed up to mobilize geographic learning with the Digital Bus Project. A teacher's workshop led to the creation of a new online adventure.        

Geography and Education in Chile

The University of La Serena, Chile, has begun organizing a yearly research project competition as part of the GeoElqui Program. The competition, now in its third year, follows the MyCOE model, in which local students use geographic technologies to address an environmental issue.

Ivan Sepúlveda, at far left, congratulates participants of the 2009 GeoElqui workshop. Professor Sepúlveda has organized this geography education program since 2007.

UNDESD Kickoff Celebration 2005

To celebrate the start of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, MyCOE held a student contest. "Youth from middle school, secondary school, and university levels from around the world submitted maps and descriptions of the local projects on sustainable development issues which they conducted using MyCOE resources.

WSSD Celebration 2002

To celebrate the World Summit for Sustainable Development, the MyCOE partnership was born as one of the first US Presidential Public-Private Partnerships, launching a campaign with a global contest for student projects using geographic tools and concepts. Select projects were showcased at the WSSD in Johannesburg, Africa, March 2002.


Watch a team of girls from the Wolmer School in Jamaica as they explain their urban sustainability mapping project, one of the top ten featured youth submissions showcased at the WSSD in Johannesburg, South Africa


Map directory of geography in the Americas 

Since 2005, the AAG has created and managed special efforts to facilitate communication among geographers across the American continent. These have included research projects, workshops, panel sessions at major conferences, roundtables, and other activities.

To further facilitate exchange and information sharing, the AAG, with the involvement of PAIGH, the IGU, and others, has invited geographers, geography programs and geography institutions across the hemisphere to send descriptions of their research and their organizations for an inclusive online directory about the discipline in the hemisphere. Some of this data is presented spatially in the map below.

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To view information about a particular institution or geography program, please click on the red point you are interested in, and click on the arrow inside the white circle.

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For more detailed information on geography departments and offerings, see also the AAG Guide to Geography Programs in the Americas.

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