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MyCOE Partnership for Engagement with Rio+20

MyCOE was present at the Rio+20 United Nations on Conference on Sustainable Development that took place in Rio, Brazil in June of 2012 and accomplished the following: 

1. Showcased Past MyCOE Activites
including the past decade of sustained programs, activities, youth mentor networks, and resources that have been developed by this public-private-NGO partnership and by respective MyCOE partners, which include many US government agencies; emphasize the sustainability and flexibility of the MyCOE framework, which has successfully served a number of different partner needs and focus areas with a wide variety of projects over the course of the past ten years; and

2. Expanded and Engaged New Participants and Partners in the MyCOE Program
expanded and engaged new participants and partners in interactive ways using social networking and online GIS tools, focused around a set of priority areas of importance to the partnership and to Rio+20, through a consolidated framework that makes resources more widely available and integrated, reinvigorates the partnership, synergizes ongoing activities and establishes a platform for ongoing and future MyCOE activities for Rio+20 and beyond.



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Have you or a young person or group you know created an innovative or interesting solution to a sustainable development challenge in your community? Tell us about it so we can share it with others around the world.