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MyCOE / SERVIR  Partnership Activities in Developing Regions to Strengthen Use of Geography and Geographic Technologies for Sustainable Development

The MyCOE / SERVIR Partnership project supports long term local capacity to use geography and geographic technologies for sustainable development initiatives and facilitates ways in which existing geographic data and tools may be applied to critical regional needs across developing regions of the world. We also seek to strengthen the linkages among MyCOE, the SERVIR system and user communities, particularly new and future users in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.


See specfic calls for participation for additional details.

The Association of American Geographers, serving as secretariat for the MyCOE Program, has formed a partnership with the SERVIR program to help university students living and studying in developing regions conduct long-term research or educational activities in response to sustainable development needs in their countries. The MyCOE / SERVIR initiative will develop five separate programs, each organized around a theme related to sustainable development, to provide participants with the capacity to use geography and geographic technologies to develop their projects.

Participants in the MyCOE / SERVIR Partnership programs will receive a modest stipend and mentoring. They also will receive geographic data and SERVIR resources to help them conduct their three- to six-month long projects.

A separate call for participation will be issued for each program to select applicants who are from and studying in the region where the programs will take place. Two of the programs will be held in Sub-Saharan Africa and two will be held in Asia. Interested students must apply with a mentor to form a two-person team. Approximately 12 to 15 undergraduate or graduate students and their mentors will be competitively selected per program based on the feasibility and quality of the proposed research/education activity. In all, 120 to 150 participants (24 to 30 per program) will directly benefit from the MyCOE / SERVIR initiative.

All selected projects will meet the following criteria:

  • Use geographic technologies such as GIS and GPS
  • Incorporate activities that respond to sustainable development needs as identified in the particular regional call for applications  
  • Students and mentors must attend the capacity building event
  • Have a duration of 3 to 6 months of research/educational activity
  • Include an element designed for outreach to non-selected applicants or other significant user communities identified with the program organizers.


The MyCOE / SERVIR Partnership is funded by a $799,179 award from NASA and will be implemented over two years. This program expands from an earlier MyCOE / SERVIR partnership that recently concluded a successful model program on GIS and Biodiversity in Africa .

MyCOE (My Community Our Earth: Geographic Learning for Sustainable Development) is a U.S. Type II Public-Private Partnership established in 2001 in conjunction with the United Nations World Summit for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg. It provides geographic perspectives, learning resources, and technological tools to encourage youth to engage with their local communities around global sustainability themes. 

SERVIR, the Regional Visualization and Monitoring System, is a collaborative venture among the NASA Earth Science Division Applied Sciences Program, USAID, and worldwide partner institutions. It helps governments and other stakeholders use Earth observation and geospatial technologies to make decisions about disasters, ecosystems, biodiversity, weather, water, climate, health, and agriculture. Visit for more information.


For further details, please check this site for updates using the RSS feed link.

For further information, please contact Project Director Dr. Patricia Solís, with "MyCOE SERVIR Inquiry" in the subject line.


To view the MyCOE / SERVIR Wiki page, please click here.


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East Africa 

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With thanks for software donations to all fellows:



Dr. Patricia Solís, Principal Investigator
Astrid Ng, Participant Logistics & Detail Coordination Team Lead
Marcela Zeballos, Travel and Workshop Support Coordinator