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Middle East North Africa

Supporting Basic Math and Science Education in the Muslim World

MyCOE is promoting the use of geography and GIS to support basic math and science education in the Muslim World. Working with collaborators in the Middle East, North Africa, and in the U.S., MyCOE is improving the availability of innovative educational resources and GIS software in Arabic for K-12 teachers in the region. The workshop was held in Tunis, August 12-15, 2008, coinciding with the International Geographical Union Conference.

MyCOE provided capacity training in the use of geographic technologies and hands-on active pedagogy that engages youth in math and science for 25 educators from Tunisia, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Yemen, selected competitively from across the region. Teachers received travel support as well as newly translated materials, including adapted award-winning geography learning resources and technology tools such as the freely available ESRI AEJEE software for educators in Arabic.

An important element of the program focuses on improvements in primary and secondary math and science education to a more interactive, hands-on approach that promotes the development of opinion formulation, fact-based decision-making, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. This is accomplished using geography and GIS as an interdisciplinary pedagogical framework. These skills enable citizens to make informed decisions for their communities that advance democracy and help them to increase their employment options.

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Photos of the workshop and related activities.

Thank you to Digital Globe and e-Map for high resolution images used in the on-site GPS training of the workshop.

Project Information

Coordination: Dr. Patricia Solís, AAG,
Instructor: Dr. Yasser Ayad, Clarion University
Evaluator: Dr. Aïcha Benimmas, Université de Moncton
Support: Dr. Frances Colon, US Department of State; Dr. Matt Koeppe, AAG; Dr. Joseph Kerski, ESRI; Dr. Susan Gallagher, AAG
In Tunisia: Dr. Adnane Hayder, Association of Tunisian Geographers and the National Organizing Committee of the 31st International Geographical Union Congress

To request a copy of the final report, please contact Dr. Patricia Solis

What participants have said

"This was the best workshop ... not only on the side of technology but also regarding the crossing cultural environment ...  I didn't see use as Lebanese with Lebanese or Jordanians with Jordanians or Israelis with Israelis....I saw us all together as a unit and as a group who wanted to understand with common worries and interests. I know I will never forget the minutes we spent together. Thanks for this opportunity we were given to make such a bond."