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What are the AAG Knowledge Communities?

They are the online forums for anyone with an AAG account.  In order to access the AAG Specialty Group Knowledge Communities you  must be a member of the Specialty Group . Through The AAG Knowledge Communities you can:

  • Interact with AAG members around the world.
  • Have better control and more options with your Discussion Lists (formerly called News and Discussion Forums). You decide how to receive postings to Discussion Lists and what email address you want to use.
  • Start discussions of your own— Organize sessions at the AAG Annual Meeting, share your expertise with other Specialty Group members or network with others who have similar interests.
  • Learn more about the friends you already know by making them “contacts.” (Kind of like contacts on LinkedIn.)
  • Find old friends—search by college, city, job setting and name. A robust search feature lets you keep in touch.

You control it all. You control how much information others see about you, how you want your emails delivered and how often and what communities you want to belong to.

Get Started Using Your Specialty Group Knowledge Community

Use the Specialty Group Discussion Forums (also known as Communities) to communicate with your colleagues. Each new post will automatically e-mail the group members based on their e-mail preferences. Check your subscriptions and set your e-mail preferences to ensure delivery of the latest news and discussions.

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