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Membership Fund

Greater interaction with geographers from developing regions will enrich the experience, research, and scholarship of the AAG’s current members. This program offers a great opportunity for current AAG members both to support their colleagues overseas and to create new research and educational collaborations.

Should you find this program of interest and wish to participate, there are several ways you might consider getting involved.

Support the Program

To help support the infrastructure for international outreach, materials creation and distribution, communications and other activities associated with the Developing Regions Membership Program (which far exceed membership revenue at such a deeply discounted rate), the AAG has established a tax-deductible Developing Regions Membership Fund.

The AAG needs your help to establish a solid foundation which will ensure this program’s longevity and success. Should you wish to contribute to the Developing Regions Membership Fund, please contact Candida Mannozzi at or 202-234-1450 x137.

Sponsor a Member

We recognize that some geographers from developing regions will not be able to afford membership, even at theUS$20 rate. For this reason, we accept donations to cover “gratis” memberships for geographers who have contacted the AAG and expressed an interest in joining. A donation of only $100, for example, could support five student members from Latin America for one year. A $1,000 contribution could support AAG membership for ten geography faculty members from Africa for five years.

Note: by sponsoring a “gratis” member, you allow AAG to direct your donation to eligible geographers or professionals in related disciplines in developing regions. (Should you wish to sponsor a specific individual or group, please consider a Gift Membership, as outlined below).

If you wish to sponsor AAG membership for one or more persons, please contact Candida Mannozzi at or 202-234-1450 x137.

Gift Membership

The AAG has long enabled sponsors to purchase gift memberships at the regular membership rate. Now, gift memberships can be used to sponsor one or more colleagues, students, or other friends of geography who you would like to welcome into the AAG at the rate of $20 per year, provided they meet the eligibility criteria for the Developing Regions Membership Program.


If you wish to purchase a gift membership for one or more persons, please contact Candida Mannozzi at or 202-234-1450 x137.