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Career Videos and Multimedia Resources

Geographers Making a Difference

Geography is a broad and diverse field, but one thing geographers have in common is using a geographic perspective to have an impact on the world.  In this video, a few talk about the varied ways that geography helps them to make a difference. 04m:24s.

Advice on Jobs in Geography

Start building your career. Listen to some sage advice about jobs in Geography: from defining what you can contribute to any position to doing the geography you feel passionate about.  03m:47s.

Geography Can Take You There

Your Mom said you should major in something that would get you a good job. But don't you want to do something you love? What if you could do both? This short clip presents the message behind the popular careers poster available here.  00m:40s.

Nekya's Story

Geographer Nekya Young tells about her journey to find a college major that would ultimately land her a job within ninety days after graduation during the recession and that would launch a meaningful career working with communities, recounting the many opportunities and support she found along the way.  07m:24s.

Journeys into Geography

Many people find the field of geography through various pathways.  This video shares stories of students, recent graduates, and seasoned geographers to illustrate some of the diverse ways that they have found their own journeys into geography. 12m:21s.

Creating a Departmental Home

AAG research shows that departmental climate is very important for the success of minority and international students.  Ensuring safe spaces and places that feel like home can help departments retain underrepresented students in their programs.  In this video, geographers of color and geographers of international backgrounds speak about their programs and what home means to them. 05m:46s.

ALIGNED Toolkit Demonstration

Demonstration of the toolkit beta developed to support university departments of geography and geosciences to enhance diversity, broaden participation, and promote inclusion in their programs of higher education.  10m:08s.

The material above is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grants No. 0914645 and 1152256 to the AAG ALIGNED Project. Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.


More Multimedia Resources

Looking for more videos about jobs and careers in geography? Here are a few of our favorites from other websites. Have a video to recommend or share? Email us at