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The work of the Healthy Departments committee is to provide coherent and engaged guidance and action that enhances the future health and excellence of academic geography departments across the country. Our goals include: offering the Healthy Departments Workshop; providing suggestions of department reviewers; provide materials for chairs to support fundraising; support department expansions; support departments in crisis; provide data for benchmarking and for communicating effectively with Deans; investigating how geography departments can most effectively position themselves to receive new or reallocated funds from their institutions, by aligning themselves with the central needs and missions of their respective institutions. Healthy Department committee members visit departments and colleges and engage in outreach with administrators to support geography. The committee also designs and implements actions that would move leaders in geography towards these goals.


Healthy Departments Committee

Alec Murphy (University of Oregon; Chair)

Doug Richardson (AAG; Member)

J.W. Harrington (University of Washington; Member)

Jenny Zorn (California State University, San Bernardino; Member)

Joe Wood (University of Baltimore; Member)

Marie Price (George Washington University; Member)

Nancy Wilkinson (San Francisco State University; Member)

Sarah Bednarz (Texas A&M University; Member)

Michael Solem (AAG)

Ken Foote (University of Connecticut)

William Moseley (Macalester College)

Perry Carter (Texas Tech University)

Jonathan Harbor (Purdue University)

Darrel Hess (City College of San Francisco)

Burrell Montz (East Carolina University)