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Geographers on Film

Geographers on Film filmstrip artGeographers on Film is a collection of interviews conducted with hundreds of geographers since August 1970 including scholars who have shaped the discipline such as Carl Sauer, Richard Hartshorne, Wilbur Zelinsky, Richard Chorley, Mildred Berman, Harold Rose, Jan Monk, Yi-Fu Tuan and Rickie Sanders.

The late Maynard Weston Dow (1929 - 2011), Professor Emeritus at Plymouth State College, and Nancy Dow largely produced the series. The AAG and the Library of Congress are now the curators of the collection, responsible for preserving and providing broad access to it.

Full listing of all Geographers on Film interviews

In total there are 308 Geographers on Film interviews.

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The AAG and the Library of Congress will soon make this entire collection available online for downloading by geographers, educators and the general public. Until then two compilations are available.

File Reel of Geographers on Film

The Library of Congress has digitally preserved a file reel from the GOF collection, which features the following eight geographers (in order of appearance): John Fraser Hart, Richard Hartshorne, David Harvey, Nicholas F. Helburn, Clarence F. Jones, Harold M. Mayer, Robert W. McColl, and J. Warren Nystrom.

25 Archival Gems

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Geographers on Film, the AAG released highlights of some of the earliest interviews conducted between 1970 and 1993 with 25 geographers. 

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For queries about the Geographers on Film collection, please contact Candida Mannozzi or 202-234-1450, x137.