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Share and Document your GeoMentor Experience  

We appreciate your participation as a GeoMentor and your role in improving GIS and geography education in the U.S.! By sharing your GeoMentor experience, you help our efforts to document program progress, improve the program for the future, motivate your professional peers to serve their own communities as GeoMentors, and create examples that highlight, encourage, and inspire GIS use in K-12 education! We can also provide a program certificate to document your service. Read below to learn of the variety of waysyou can share your activities with us.

There are multiple ways to share your GeoMentor experience. Use what works best for you! 


Online Reporting Form

Complete this short online form to report your GeoMentor activities with program staff. The form asks about for basic details about your volunteer work (who/what/where/when).   If you opt to let us share your story, your efforts may be mentioned on Twitter.

Submit a Case Study

Complete this detailed online form to share your GeoMentor experience with program staff as an in-depth case study. The form asks about how you connected with your collaborator, what kinds of activities you assisted with and resources you used, and what you learned from the experience.  If you opt to let us share your story, you will be featured in our case study collection.

Email Program Staff or Share via Social Media

Send an email to, contact us via Twitter @AAGGeoMentors, or share information through the AAG GeoMentors Facebook page documenting and describing your GeoMentor engagement. Please provide details about the school, school district, or group you worked with and the type of activity. You may send links to social media platforms and postings that document the process or outcomes from your GeoMentoring experience. These may include Facebook groups or pages, Twitter accounts, YouTube videos, LinkedIn postings, personal blog entries, school or class webpages, project-specific websites, online newsletters, GeoNet forum postings, etc. All documentation types are welcome.

Program Certificate

If you share your GeoMentor engagements you will receive a digital program certificate documenting your service to the educational community.  Certificates can be used to track and verify your professional service and outreach activities. Please note that you are eligible for one certificate per school/district/group you volunteer with per year, so you can receive additional certificates for working with new schools or for each year you continuing working with with the same school/district/group. 

Questions? Email

Get your GeoMentors Program Certificate by Sharing Your Experience!



Suggestions for the GeoMentors Program

Do you have suggestions for or comments about our program? Use this form to let us know or contact program staff directly at We are always looking for ways to imporve the program to support K-12 geography and GIS education and appreciate your feedback.