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Celebrating your GeoMentor Efforts

Program Certificate

If you share your GeoMentor engagements you will receive a digital program certificate documenting your service to the educational community through this important program.  Certificates can be used to track and verify your professional service and outreach activities. Please note that you are eligible for one certificate per school/district/group you volunteer with per year, so you can receive additional certificates for working with new schools or for each year you continuing working with with the same school/district/group. 

Sharing Program Outcomes

To encourage more US K-12 schools to use ArcGIS Online for free in their classrooms and inspire more GIS users to serve their community as GeoMentors, the AAG and Esri will be showcasing and sharing the contributions and experiences of GeoMentors from across the country.  Your work as a GeoMentor could serve to motivate your professional peers to do their part to improve geography and GIS education in the US!  Stories may be shared via GeoMentor-related social media, posted in GeoMentor-related online communities, or shown as part of an online GeoMentor program showcase.  View one outlet for these stories here.

No information will be shared without your permission.  Reports of GeoMentor program participation can remain confidential if so desired (to be viewed and used for internal program purposes only).

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