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Share Information about Career Opportunities in Geography and GIS

Many geographers don’t ‘discover’ the field or related career opportunities until after they have started their undergraduate education, graduate education, or at some stage after entering the workforce. We want to help K-12 students be aware of and informed about career opportunities in geography and geospatial technology. Geography is woven through and helps explain many aspects of our daily experience. Many students are already producers and users of geospatial data with their GPS-enabled smartphones. We want to make sure students are aware of how geography and geospatial technologies can help them understand and address issues in the world today, from the local to the global.

Geographers are well prepared to meet the rapidly evolving demands of today's industries given their big picture perspective, eye for detail, and ability to integrate and synthesize information at a variety of scales. They apply their unique knowledge, skills, and perspectives in a diverse range of industries. They hold positions as urban planners who assess the costs and benefits of proposed transit systems, as state climatologists assessing the impacts of rising sea levels, as consultants advising firms about moving into new markets, and as human rights advocates working with refugees. These are just a handful of the many types of careers available to geographers. Geography prepares individuals for work in the social, physical, and environmental sciences, as well as the arts and humanities.

Below is a collection of resources for teachers and students about careers in geography and GIS. If you have additional suggestions for this list, please send them to

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