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Encourage schools to sign up for free GIS software

Before we can help add GIS to classroom curricula, we have to get the software into schools.  One of the most important engagements you can perform as a GeoMentor is to encourage new schools to sign up for the free Schools Mapping Software bundle from Esri and/or to incorporate other available GIS software or geospatial technology. The success of this program ultimately depends on people like you, volunteering your expertise as a GeoMentor and proactively seeking opportunities to bring GIS and geospatial technology into new schools across the country.
  • Why should schools participate?
    • GIS can benefit ALL classrooms.  When recruiting a new school to the program, be prepared to explain the concept of GIS and what it has to offer to educational settings. GIS is not just for certain grade levels or subject areas; it has application potential throughout all schools and classrooms!  You may draw from your own personal experiences and knowledgebase, but also be sure to review the materials developed specifically for educators available here
    • GeoMentors are available to help.  School administrators and teachers are often already operating with limited time and resources available. While free GIS software is a wonderful asset to the classroom, we don’t want to burden educators with the full weight of learning how to use and implement GIS by themselves.  This is where you and your fellow GeoMentors come in!  The GeoMentors program is designed to make GIS as accessible, digestible, and useful as possible to teachers and students alike, with volunteers across the nation ready to help.  Be sure to tell school employees about the available (and growing) GeoMentors network, ready-made curriculum materials and teaching resources available through the GeoMentors website, and online communities where members can engage with program participants and coordinators.
  • How do schools sign up?
Share your experience with us!  Have you recruited a school and helped them access their free GIS software?  Congratulations on your efforts!  Tell us about your experience so we can celebrate with you, honor your achievement, and track program progress.

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Program Flyer for Educators

Share this flyer with K-12 educators and administrators to let them know about the free software and assistance available for their schools, classrooms, and student groups! Download it here.