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Data Sources and Learning Resources

Esri Resources

Esri Ed Community: A website dedicated to the Esri's Education Community. On this page you will find education resources including exchange ideas, lesson plans, case studies, maps and data, upcoming Esri events and more.  Esri Ed Community Resources  provides access to ArcGIS online lesson plans and exercises for elementary and middle school aged students.

Esri GIS Education Community Blog: Stay updated on the latest GIS Education information and opportunities through Esri's blog (updated regularly).

Esri- Good Blogs for GIS Educators: An easy-to-access list of Esri blogs that are useful for educators.

Esri Story Maps:   The Story Maps team makes tools that enable you to tell digital stores harnessing the power of geography, maps, and GIS. Access a gallery of ready-made Story Maps to use with students on a wide array of topics.

Esri - Education Bibliography:  Houses academic citations to journals, magazines, books, and other media which document GIS in education. This includes articles about GIS in the classroom, research on GIS in education, and GIS use for the administration of educational institutions.

Additional Resources

4-H Youth Community Mapping Program, Educational Resources: Links to GIS training opportunities, tutorials, references, and project ideas for K-12 settings.

Geographic Information Systems- Education Technology Consultants: The GIS:ETC provides GIS professional development, curriculum and software support to post-secondary educators and students. This website contains information on how to improve quality of curricula,  provide research and learning projects and provide teachers with training and skill development. 

Geographic Learning and Sustainable Development: Click here to find annotated links to the major themes of sustainable development, which include helpful materials related to geographic learning. 

GIS Day: Users celebrate GIS day within the US and internationally. Learn more about this event and how to take part!

Scoop.It - Geography Education: Review these interesting, current supplemental materials for geography teachers and students. Scoop.It also features global news with a spatial perspective. 

Student Guide: This student guide includes individual chapters taken from the previously printed MyCOE Student Project Guide, published and distributed to 102 countries. 

USGS Education Resources: A variety of resources including videos, online lectures, maps, images and an interactive GIS lab for grades K-12 as well as undergraduate. 

Using GIS to Teach Common Core: This page, created by Barbaree Duke, includes ideas and examples on how to use GIS for teaching common core (includes math, reading, "fun stuff" and more).

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