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Answer questions, facilitate and demonstrate effective teaching practices with ArcGIS Online

Whether you are a new or seasoned user of ArcGIS Online, we have compiled teaching and learning materials specific to its use in an educative setting. The range of documents and videos tell a compelling story about the value of learners exploring with interactive maps to success stories of teaching with ArcGIS Online. We start with resources that explain what ArcGIS Online is, followed by good reasons why web maps are important to teaching and learning across disciplines.

What is ArcGIS Online?
Description of the elements of ArcGIS Online including specific skills and terminologies it fosters.

For more information, go here.

Why teach with web maps?
Reasons to include ArcGIS Online in the classroom, regardless of grade level and subject matter.

How is ArcGIS Online used to connect to students’ learning?
Best practices and pedagogy for meaningful learning with spatial data and maps.

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For courses, lessons, and activities using ArcGIS Online, go here.
For more examples of student and classroom GIS projects, go here.

Success stories from early adopters (document)

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