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Reaching out to educators who have registered in the program

Have you used the online database to find an educator seeking a GeoMentor that you would like to reach out to?  Here are some things to think about when contacting them.
It’s important to remember that teachers and schools will have uneven levels of experience with geospatial technology and geography education (especially teachers in other subject areas).  Ask questions so they can communicate to you their level of experience and their classroom needs.
  • How familiar are you with geospatial technology?
  • How would you like to incorporate mapping into your subject area curriculum?
  • What kinds of activities do you envision helping your students the most?
From many years of experience with and research on teacher professional development, we know that the vast majority of teachers’ questions concern the following four topics:
  1. Careers – What jobs can students get with GIS and geographical knowledge and skills?
  2. General mapping techniques – What are the features of a good map and how can I make one using ArcGIS Online?
  3. Specific projects – How can GIS or other geospatial tools help me with a specific extracurricular activity, classroom assignment or community outreach project?
  4. Specific Curricular Content/Focus – I don't teach geography, so how can GIS help me teach math, science, or social science content?
To help you answer these questions, we are compiling high-quality resources that have helped many teachers understand the power of GIS for education and future career preparation.  You can use these resources to assist you in your mentoring engagements and we encourage you to make use of other educational resources that you may have at your disposal.


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