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How to find a teacher and/or school to work with
(for GeoMentors) 

Reach out to your own personal or professional network

To find opportunities to improve geography and GIS education in your own community, start by reaching out to local schools, school districts, or teachers you know in your area to see if they are participating in the Esri Schools Program and/or interested in incorporating GIS, geospatial technology, and geographic concepts into curricula. It could be your childrens’, relatives’, or neighbors’ school, or maybe even your alma mater! If they don’t know about the software program, you can help bring free ArcGIS access to their school or school district! More information is available to assist you in this. If they are already participating, you can help educators acquire and improve their GIS skills and activities to use in the classroom. To assist, we provide guidelines for contacting potential collaborators as well as link to online resources and activities for implementing GIS in K-12 settings.

Database Search

Search the online database of registered Educators-Seeking-GeoMentors to find a potential collaborator. You can sort or search the database by location, interest in different mentoring engagement types, preferred communication methods, and the subject areas/classes assistance is sought for.  Use these options to find an Educator to contact via email about assisting them with their school or classroom goals.

Map Search 

To find schools or school districts with GIS from the Esri Schools Program, browse tab #1 of the online map. This map is updated on a regular basis. If a particular school or school district you are interested in working with is not featured on the map, you could play a valuable GeoMentor role by informing them of the Esri Schools Program and helping them register for their free ArcGIS software!  Check out materials to help you prepare for such an engagement.


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