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How to find a GeoMentor to work with (for educators)

Database Search

Search the online database of registered GeoMentors to find a potential collaborator.  You can sort or search the database by location, interest in different mentoring engagement types, preferred communication methods, and GIS&T areas of expertise.  Use these options to find a potential GeoMentor to contact via email to assist you with your school or classroom goals.

Map Search

Browse tab #4 of the online map to discover GeoMentors willing to help educators.  Click on a point to find the name, organization, and email address of a GeoMentor.

DISCLAIMER: This is a "crowd-sourced" map, and the service is provided "as is." Esri does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the content entered by any persons. Thoughtful deliberation about what content one provides, and what content one encounters through any of the links, is important, both for your security and to support education. If you encounter inappropriate content, please email with details. At the sole discretion of Esri, any data deemed inappropriate may be deleted without notice to its creator.

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