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GeoMentor Guidelines for Contacting Potential Collaborators

Now that you have signed up as a GeoMentor and familiarized yourself with the program’s goals and mentor training materials, the next step is to connect with a school or teacher for a collaboration.  Search the online database of teachers and schools seeking assistance. Remember, it is your responsibility to initiate a connection, and we encourage you to be proactive – the success of this program ultimately depends on people like you who are generously volunteering time to serve as a GeoMentor!

Please keep in mind these guidelines when reaching out to schools and teachers:

  • As a GeoMentor, you will work directly with schools and teachers and provide them with assistance and guidance for using GIS in the curriculum.
  • The AAG and Esri are not responsible for matching GeoMentors with individual teachers or schools.
  • GeoMentors should not directly contact students at a school.

In general, there are four key ways that you can help as a GeoMentor:

  1. Recruit new schools to participate in the Esri Schools program

  2. Answer questions, facilitate and demonstrate effective teaching practices with GIS
  3. Illustrate for teachers how to deploy GIS in different subject areas or for supporting national and state curriculum standards.
  4. Provide information, guidance and/or examples of geography/GIS-related careers and postsecondary educational opportunities that can be shared with participating schools, teachers and students.

There may be other ways you can help and you may be asked by teachers and schools to respond to different issues as needs arise during an engagement with a school. Your efforts, big or small, short term or long term, can make a difference in helping students to increase their spatial thinking and understand geographic concepts.


The following sections provide guidance on how to reach out to a teacher or school and begin a mentoring engagement:

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