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GeoMentor Spotlight

Learn more about our volunteers and the wonderful and enthusiastic talent available in our GeoMentor community to assist K-12 schools with GIS and geography applications for their classrooms. Read about our currently featured member of the community or check out previously featured GeoMentors by using the navigation links on the right. If you are interested in being featured, go here for more information.  We are excited to learn more about our GeoMentor community members!

If you aren't a GeoMentor yet, we'd love to have you participate!

July 2016 GeoMentor Spotlight:

Michelle Doyle, GIS Specialist

What was your favorite class in K-12? Economics in high school

How did you first learn about and/or use GIS? Business Geography at the University of Florida

Name one thing you love about GIS and/or geography (I know, just one!): GIS provides both the framework and the process for creating a smarter world.

Why did you want to volunteer as a GeoMentor? A couple of years ago, I watched the high school students from Molokai, Lily and Sarah Jenkins, present amazing work in GIS, and thought this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for students to be able relate to their local community given the right tools.

What kind of GeoMentor volunteer opportunity and experience are you looking for? Advanced mapping technology gives students access to spatial knowledge and the power to think in a new realm of possibility. Students that are exposed to this type of independent research early on (7th & 8th grade) have the ability to adapt to real-world experiences. As a GeoMentor, I have watched them not only self-learn their skills in GIS, but teach other students how to develop tools- building Web maps, Applications, and StoryMaps. It is such an incredible experience when their work is presented through this technology in new and exciting ways!

If someone asked you why they should learn about GIS and/or geography, how would you respond in one sentence? Great question, when Jack Dangermond began the ESRI User conference, he hoped to use GIS for Enabling a Smarter World… where you can bring everyone together as individuals using GIS… building a vibrant and interesting community.

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