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GeoMentor Spotlight

Learn more about our volunteers and the wonderful and enthusiastic talent available in our GeoMentor community to assist K-12 schools with GIS and geography applications for their classrooms. Read about our currently featured member of the community or check out previously featured GeoMentors by using the navigation links on the right. If you are interested in being featured, go here for more information.  We are excited to learn more about our GeoMentor community members!

If you aren't a GeoMentor yet, we'd love to have you participate!

February 2018 GeoMentor Spotlight:

Will Chong, Geospatial Analyst at Tesla Government Inc.

What was your favorite class in K-12? I always enjoyed math, mainly because I was decent at it. But I was most interested in any classes that had to do with geography in any way.

How did you first learn about and/or use GIS? I first learned about it during a required Intro to GIS course at Virginia Tech. I immediately was drawn to it and the processes and have been using it ever since.

Name one thing you love about GIS and/or geography (I know, just one!): I love how universal it is. Everything has a spatial component in one way or another and it can be used in countless disciplines.

Why did you want to volunteer as a GeoMentor? I wanted to share my experiences and have kids learn more about GIS and geography to realize how important it is. I remember when I was a kid, I looked forward to it in school but wished we spent more time on it.

What kind of GeoMentor volunteer opportunity and experience are you looking for? I’ve only done one with elementary school students but would be open to helping middle and high school kids as well.

If someone asked you why they should learn about GIS and/or geography, how would you respond in one sentence? GIS and geography can be used everywhere and with everything to help understand the world.

Email address:

Tesla Government Inc. -
Linkedin -
Twitter username: @willchong25

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